Commitment to Anti-Racism

This is not a definitive list, and will continue to be expanded and improved upon as necessary.

  • Recognizing my own bias in theatrical practices from training at post-secondary institutions that predominantly focus on Western theatre practices, as well as recognizing my own privilege as someone who has had the opportunity to train at post-secondary institutions.

  • Decolonizing theatre practices, ie. emphasis on collective creation/collaboration styles, flexible rehearsals and deadlines, being open to non-Western styles of storytelling and art-making.

  • Continuous open dialogue with collaborators, ie. creating and establishing rules/protocols of the rehearsal room with co-creators, designating a diversity officer (like an equity officer) to report any issues.

  • Commitment to inclusion of BIPOC artists and increasing accessibility to BIPOC artists, ie. offering sliding scale dramaturgy consultations.

  • Continuing to evolve theatre practices as it relates to activism, to commit to continue learning and unlearning, and to fight against active oppression in the professional theatre community.